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At Goodman Dermatology and Mohs Surgery, We value our patients' experience. Read below what our happy clients say about us!

Dr. Goodman is always very professional and takes the time needed to answer any questions patients have. Would recommed him without hesitation.

Rick B.

Dr. Goodman and this practice are amazing. Great office staff, very professional and precise MOHS Dr.

Patty Z.

Dr. Goodman is an earth angel... wonderful bedside manner, supper smart, diagnosed me quickly and efficiently... only positive things to say!

Heidi H.

Dr. Goodman is a great doctor. Great!!!!

Our family dermatologist for 40 plus years. As great of a doctor as he is, he's even a better human.

Troy T.

Dr. Goodman is the best!

Amber H.

"Dr. Goodman is the most caring, thorough, compassionate doctor I have ever had. He is a true one of a kind."

- Lindsey G.

"Dr. Goodman is a once in a lifetime doctor! Besides being a very skilled doctor he has a great personality and unbelievable bedside manner!

Dr. Goodman treated something that was dismissed by another dermatologist that had caused fever and a sick feeling. I am feeling so much better after Dr. Goodman's treatment and prescription.

Dr. Good man treated me in the past and always provided exceptional care, and likely prevented melonoma which my father died from. I am so blessed to have found him again after being separated by no fault of either of us.

Dr. Goodman is my dermatologist forever and a food friend!"

- Larry B.

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